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Desensitize gel for teeth. Make teeth stronger and feel better teeth.

Desensitizing Gel

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Apply a thin layer of remineralizing desensitizing gel to strengthen your enamel which will help reduce teeth sensitivity and stop the transmissions to your nerves causing pain.

Desensitizing Gel:

  • Dramatically reduces sensitivity - Reduce sensitivity caused by whitening, heat, cold, sweets, acids, or touch.
  • Rebuilds enamel - Rebuilds enamel by creating a new coating of hydroxyapatite over the original tooth surface. Fluoride enhances remineralization by absorbing to the crystal surface and attracting calcium ions, followed by phosphate ions, leading to new mineral formation.
  • Improves luster - Restores luster by naturally filling surface defects with a new layer of hydroxyapatite.