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Dental Impression Kit (Additional)

Dental Impression Kit (Additional)

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Attention Please: 

This kit is not sold separately. Purchase this product If you are an existing customer and made a mistake while taking your impressions the first time. If you have placed an order, but you are not an existing customer with a previous order number, your order will be cancelled.  You can email us for a complete dental impression kit of your choice for $19.95. 

We are happy to offer a replacement dental impression kit at a discounted price of $9.00 (This impression kit includes 2 dental impression trays of the 2 sizes you selected and 2 putties, 1 catalyst and 1 base, as well as the cost of shipping and handling to you). 

Watch these videos before taking your impressions:

Read this before taking your impressions:

The process is the same for an upper and a lower impression.  Here are a few tips to help you get started. We recommend watching the videos until you are comfortable with the process.  Call us if you need additional help.

Preparation, Fitting & Supplies

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before starting.
  • Clean your teeth thoroughly by brushing and flossing before starting.
  • Do not wear gloves while making an impression.
  • Stand in front of a mirror or have a mirror handy.
  • Test fit the empty impression trays in your mouth.  Make sure your back teeth are covered by the back of the tray and that your teeth do not touch the side walls of the tray. If your teeth touch the sidewalls of the tray, your tray is too small. Try the larger of the 2 trays in your kit.  You want to have wiggle room between your teeth and the tray.
  • Have your phone handy and use the timer for mixing the putty & loading the tray (35 seconds) and for making the impression (3 ½  minutes).


  • Putty Mixing & Loading The Tray 
  • Set your phone timer for 35 seconds.
  • Mix the two putties for 35 seconds or less if the white is mostly dissolved into blue.  The putty should be a solid blue color, not marbled.
  • Use the remaining 5 seconds to roll the putty into the shape of a log, about 4.5“ to 5”.  Then load the putty into the impression tray and spread it evenly to the side walls of the tray. Make sure the putty covers the top edge of the tray and goes all the way around. Watch the videos again.

 Making your impression 

  • Set your phone timer for 3 ½ minutes.
  • Fit the filled tray into your mouth, making sure it is centered. Looking in the mirror will help with centering your teeth over the putty. Make sure your front teeth are in the center of the tray about 1 inch from the front edge of the tray, otherwise you will hit the tray. If the teeth touch the tray, we can't use that impression. Do not let your teeth touch the edge of the tray. If you are not sure which size tray to use, use the larger of the two trays you have.
  • The deeper your teeth are in the putty, the bette the final fit will be. Use your fingers to press the tray and putty hard into your teeth.   Make sure your teeth are covered up to your gum line and lightly touch the bottom of the tray. Do not bite down on the tray. Use your fingers to push and hold. It is easier to cover the teeth when the putty is still very soft.
  • For UPPER impression, use your thumbs to press the impression tray up into your teeth. For LOWER impression, use your index and middle fingers to press the impression tray down into your teeth. Be sure to put the same pressure on your back teeth as you do the front teeth.
  • Force the putty over your teeth at one smooth motion. Do not push the putty more than once over your teeth or there will be a distortion. Do not move your mouth or head once you have covered your teeth.  Continue to hold the tray in place to ensure the tray does not move. Placing your elbows on counter or table help for stability.
  • Wait 3 ½ minutes before gently removing the tray.
  • Do not remove the impression material from the tray.  Send the tray filled with the putty material back to us using the return label provided. We recommend you email us photos of your impression(s) prior to shipping them to us.
  • Please email, support@theclearguard.com or text 323-902-1175, us photos of your finished impressions, for approval, prior to shipping them to us. We can do a quick quality control on the impressions using the photos.