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Taking Care Of Your Sleep Apnea Device

You May Experiences Malocclusion in the Morning, After Appliance Removal

When the lower jaw remains in the forward position after the appliance’s removal, you should gently push and hold the lower jaw into its natural position for a few moments. Holding the lower jaw in place will stretch the masticatory muscles back into position. Chewing sugar- free gum immediately after appliance removal should also reduce the duration of the malocclusion. Chewing or biting helps to relax the muscles back into their natural position.

Why Does The Lower Device Slides OFF While I Sleep?

Only the lower jaw moves. The device is designed to slide off the lower teeth when the mouth is opened during sleep. Customers have suggested that they have purchased sleep tape to help keep their mouths closed during the night. 

A tighter fitting lower device will not stop the lower guard from slipping off the teeth. 

Adjusting The Connectors

Adjusting the connectors is not complicated and should be done gently. If force is used when switching out connectors, there is a chance the button, nipple, the connectors hook onto will be removed from the plastic device. 

Simply, slide the connector off the button and gently twist it over the button. The top of the connectors has a very small notch. This is the part of the connector that goes onto the upper arch device. The connector without the notch, attaches to the lower arch device. The connectors should snap onto the button.

Which Connector Should I Use?

The Sleep Apnea Device comes with the 25mm connectors already in place. This is a good neutral starting position to try the device. It is recommended to try this for a few nights, then adjust the connectors as needed. The shorter the connector, the more the lower jaw is held forward and the more the airway is opened. The longer the connector, the less the airway is opened and the less strain on the jaw muscles is experienced.

First Time Use: Some People May Experiences Soreness

Soreness may be felt after using the device for the first time and several days after. Soreness may be felt in the jaw, teeth and gums. After several days of using the device, the jaw, teeth and gums should eventually adjust.

After Using The Device

Brush the device carefully with a soft toothbrush and cool water. Do not use soap to clean the device. Minimize odor and bacteria growth by leaving the antimicrobial container lid open to air out the device. 

Here's how this technique is generally used:
  1. Rinse your device with cool water.
  2. Add a capful of mouthwash to a clean glass.
  3. Dilute with water until there's enough liquid to cover your device.
  4. Soak your device for 30 minutes.
  5. Remove and rinse with cool water.
  6. Let the sleep apnea device dry.

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