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Sleep Apnea Questions and Sleep Apnea Solutions


  • Is sleep apnea curable?

    The Sleep Apnea Device has proven to help people limit their use of the CPAP machine. 

  • What does sleep apnea sound like?

    Snoring, gasping, and periods with no breathing (apnea) are common sounds to expect with sleep apnea. These sounds are usually noticed by a sleep partner, not people who have the condition themselves.

  • How do you know if you have sleep apnea?

    Most people don't know they have sleep apnea. It's often noticed by sleeping partners or household members first. You may notice some signs of sleep apnea yourself, like a dry mouth, morning headaches, and daytimes sleepiness.

  • How can you help someone with sleep apnea?

    It can be difficult to talk to someone about sleep habits that they don't notice themselves—like snoring or periods of apnea. It's also a challenge to support people who have to wear sleep devices. If you want to help someone with sleep apnea, encourage them to discuss their sleep habits with their healthcare provider, and stress the importance of treating the condition if they've already been diagnosed.

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