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How a Night Guard Can Protect Your Teeth and Jaw

How a night guard can protect your teeth and jaw

Here at TheClearGuard.com we make the same Night Guards and Clear Retainers you would get from your dentist.  We use the same materials and manufacturing techniques to insure consistency and quality. 

When you sleep, your body has a chance to restore itself. However, there are teeth and jaw issues that can prevent your mouth from properly healing at night. Using a night guard will protect your teeth from injuries and help to keep your jaw in the correct position for relaxing, restorative sleep. Read on to learn how night guards work and why you should get one directly from your dentist.

Protect Against Teeth Grinding

Many people grind their teeth at night without even realizing it. If you wake up with tooth pain or sensitivity, grinding may be a part of the problem. Wearing a night guard will create a barrier between your teeth to prevent grinding without disturbing your rest.

Keep Your Jaw Comfortable

If you suffer from TMJ, you know how destructive jaw pain can be. Patients with TMJ often clench their jaws while they sleep which can lead to discomfort. A night guard will gently hold your jaw in a comfortable position to prevent clenching and ease your jaw pain.

Other Benefits

Wearing a night guard has numerous benefits. People with snoring issues or sleep apnea often find that night guards reduce these problems, and many people find it easier to fall asleep while wearing a night guard.

Getting a Professionally Made Night Guard

There are many night guards that you can buy at the pharmacy. While this may seem convenient, these night guards do not provide the same customized support of a professionally fitted night guard.